cocoa beans
Product name:
Cocoa beans
Scientific name of the product:
Theobroma Cacao
Whole dry beans, export type
Production areas:
Santander: Apartado, Tolima, Meta, Tumaco, among others
Characteristics: Physicochemical
% Humidity:
Less than or equal to 7%
% Impurities:
Maximum allowed 2%
Molds (# grains / 100 grains): maximum 2
Damaged by insects, broken, sprouted (# grains / 100 grains) Maximum 1
Well fermented grains (# grains /100 grains):
Greater than or equal to 65
Underfermented grains (# grains /100 grains):
Cadmium level in cocoa beans
Less than or equal to 0.8 ppm
Smell and taste:
Types of Cocoa
includes all material different from the cocoa bean such as casings, stones, piece of stem, leaves and weeds in general.
Broken beans:
healthy cocoa bean that has lost up to 50% of its size.
Damaged grains:
grain or piece of grain that appears evidently altered in its color, smell, appearance or structure as a consequence of inadequate drying, excess humidity, immaturity, attack by insects, fungi, germination, or any other cause.
Other grains:
group of grains belonging to the same botanical species that have defined and similar characteristics.
Infected grain:
that grain or piece of grain that partially or totally shows the presence of fungi (molds or yeast).
Infested grain:
that which presents live or dead insects or other harmful pests to the grain in any of the biological stages (eggs, larva, pupa or adult).
Clean, first-use jute bags, weight per bag between 60 kg and 60.5 kg.

Any other type of container that the client requires will be analyzed.
According to customer specifications, according to country requirements and international standards.
It is carried out in accordance with the Procedure established in Fedecacao, in indoor, dry places and on wooden platforms (stows).
All year taking into account the production margins according to harvest.